Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Thank You Miss Connie

I am so appreciative of every collector that purchases one of my creations. Each piece I design is a labor of love and a reflection of myself. So, when someone I truly admire and respect decides they simply have to have a Chicken Lips of their own...well, it just makes me beam with pride!

I recently sold one of my new snowmen sculptures to none other than Connie Hindmarsh - Miss Connie of Romper Room! I grew up watching Miss Connie and she truly holds a special place in my memories and heart. I can remember stomping around the living room in my plastic "Romper Stompers" (my mom's hardwood floors were never the same!). Her loving demeanor and gentle way was (and is) an inspiration for us all. Connie now shares that love with her own soft-sculpture creations ...you can visit her web site here.

Thank you Connie for all the memories and for giving my creations a good home.
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