Monday, April 6, 2009

A Special Gift From A Special Friend

I had a wonderful surprise waiting for me Saturday when I ventured out to the mail box. My friend Christopher Klingler (Designs by CK) sent me this original work of art! It was one of those COMPLETELY unexpected kind of surprises that just make you feel warm all over! Chris has beautifully depicted Divine in his (her?) unforgettable role as Babs Johnson in John Water's "Pink Flamingos." Chris knows I love John Waters (who actually hails from Chris's home state, MD). Chris has illustrated Babs in all her glory in colored pencil and ink in his unique and talented style. Chris is truly one of the most gifted illustrators that I know.

As far as "Pink Flamingos", it is without a doubt, my all time favorite Water's film. Now for those of you who haven't seen it, I can't recommend that you go run down to your local Blockbusters and rent it. As a film, it is filthy, offensive, shocking and in absolutely poor taste...I love it! But, it's most definitely not for everyone - certainly not for the faint of art!

Thank you Chris for your most generous gift! You are a talented artist and all around great guy!
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