Friday, August 21, 2009

Veggie Guy

I have always loved vintage "Veggie people." A traditional German Halloween icon, these rolly polly fellows always make me smile. A lot of wonderful artists I know make characters in this vintage style (Lori Rudolph and Jorge Rojas to name a couple). I thought it high time I gave one a try - with the Chicken Lips spin to it, of course!

The wonderful thing about these guys is that their look lends itself perfect to my big toothy grins! I constructed this fellow with a Fast Maché base to give him weight and substance. I sculpted his head and arms in Paper Clay, which gives me more control for shaping and sculpting. He is painted in acrylic washes, airbrushed, stained, given oil paint details and then sealed.
I also made a hanging ornament, just for fun!

I've made 4 veggie guys for the Fall season; two are going to my Fall show but the other two are up for grabs on my ETSY shop.

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