Friday, May 31, 2013

It's Almost Class Time!

The wait is almost over! In just one week, my class at the Artful Gathering Online Retreat will begin.

I will be teaching you the basics of how to use my favorite papier-maché product: Celluclay. We will create not only a Halloween pumpkin but a holiday Snowman as well. Using the techniques I teach you in the videos, you will later be able to create just about anything your imagination can dream up!


The wonderful thing about Artful Gathering classes is that you watch the online videos AT YOUR PACE, ON YOUR SCHEDULE. You have 6 weeks to enjoy the class - you can watch the class videos as many times as you would like.

And during those 6 weeks, I will be available in the virtual classroom to answer any questions you may have. Post your questions, show photos of your completed work, and chat with other students. It's just like being in a real classroom...except you can wear your pajamas ;)

Visit Artful Gathering today and get yourself registered! We are gonna have a lot of fun :)

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