Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tale of a Tail

I know why they call it Labor Day! I did nothing but work this weekend. With upcoming art shows, I have got to spend every spare minute I have building up my inventory. The PaperClay is flying fast and furious.

Speaking of PaperClay, I sung it's praises in last week's post. This week, I'd like to speak up about PaperClay's under appreciated sibling: Diamond Clay. I'm working on a Halloween cat, and you can see by the WIP photos, his tail is pretty thin. I tried creating this tail in PaperClay. But after it dried, it cracked and became too unstable. I turned to my opened pack of Diamond Clay. I had only tried this clay once, a long while back and was not pleased with the results. I decided to remodel the tail in this new material. The results are in; this stuff is GREAT! It's not as pliable and easy to mold as PaperClay, but it is tough as a ROCK when it dries! This is a wonderful material for small details or thin pieces (like kitty tails). It seems to dry faster than PaperClay, and doesn't remain workable for as long, plus it's a little more expensive than PaperClay. But, the tradeoff is a tougher-than-nails piece that can take a real beating!
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