Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Percy the Pumpkin

Tomorrow (3/31/11) is the latest release of the EHAG Emporium - an exclusive marketplace featuring one-of-a-kind Halloween creations. I will be offering my newest creation...Percy the Pumpkin. Sure, he looks a little scary, but honestly I think he is just misunderstood. All bark and no bite (well, maybe a nibble or two).

Percy is hand-sculpted from papier-maché. His arms were a real challenge for me. I knew that I wanted very thin and expressive hands, but papier-maché was just not going to work for me. I was afraid the medium wouldn't be durable enough and that the fingers could break off. I want my creations to last for years and years, so I knew I had to come up with a better solution. After playing around with lots of different materials, I discovered that heavy-gauge wire, wrapped, heavily decoupaged and covered in gesso gave me not only the expressive look I wanted but also amazing durability!

If you want to give Percy a loving home, stop by the EHAG Emporium tomorrow night at 9pm (EST) to see more photos and to get the details on how you can add him to your collection.
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