Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wednesday WIPs (Works in Progress)

Far too often I forget that friends and fans want to see more about the process of what I do and not JUST the finished project. So each Wednesday I'm going to make an effort to let you see exactly what is going on in my studio - I'm calling it "Wednesday WIPs."

Here are some big "Trick or Treaters" in their "naked" stage. These poor fellows need a coat of paint! These are part of a collection - I can't reveal yet what they are for, but trust me, it's exciting news (I'll reveal soon!).

More "naked" creations, although at least the pumpkin has his skin (do pumpkins even have skin?).

This guy is almost complete! Just need a good coat of sealer, staining and then he is ready to find a good home.

Thanks for dropping in!

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