Monday, August 18, 2008

Work in Progress

It was a very productive weekend for me! I managed to start 5 new projects and finish up a couple others. The Fall season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes my participation in two great Arts and Crafts shows - the Village Venture in Claremont and the Harvest Festival at the LA County Fairgrounds. So, with those shows looming on the horizon, I need to really kick it in gear.

My workshop is starting to fill up with LOTS of initial parts and pieces of things; pumpkin heads with no bodies, Santa bodies with no heads - it's starting to look like a holiday slasher movie set!

Two pieces that are starting to take shape are a Halloween Moon and a stacked Pumpkin. Both pieces should be available during the next SpookyTimeJingle update on the 13th of Sept.

I'll give ya a sneek peek as soon as I get them done!
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