Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bunny Boy Returns

I know, I know...I said in an earlier post that I was done making Spring-themed creations for the year - but I just couldn't resist making one more Bunny Boy. I sold the last one so quickly (thanks Carol!) that I had to make another. You can check back through my Blog archives if you want the full story on this fellow - it's just TOO painful to explain again ;)

Bunny Boy is (of course), paperclay on a wood base. He's one of my larger creations - coming in at just over 15" high. Seems like it's easier to make larger art than smaller art. I keep telling myself I should keep it small, but then I get my hands into the paperclay and all reason flies out the window!

Bunny Boy is up for adoption at my ETSY shop. Get him while you can, 'cause this is gonna be the last one for this year (honest)!
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