Thursday, September 24, 2009 September!

Sorry that I've been MIA lately. I've been frantically working on getting ready for my two Fall shows...oh, and I did take a few days off to go to Las Vegas - but honestly, I thought about work the whole time ;)

I've just finished up the last of my Halloween creations for this year. Now I'm jumping into Christmas! Seems kind of strange to be making snowmen in 105˚ heat! And, the humidity is SO low that the clay is drying as I mold it!

Here are a couple quick shots of new Christmas WIPS; the first is a Santa bust, the second is a Santa in a Snowman. Santa lifts out to reveal a place for candy. This is a big piece! Stands about 2ft. high!

This coming weekend is the Halloween & Vine event in Northern CA. I want to wish all my friends who will be participating a "good show" and lots of sales!
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