Friday, January 8, 2010

Cleaning - Phase 2!

I just finished the last of my January cleaning. And this was a BIG one! My workshop. Here is where I do all the "messy" stuff; mixing clay, sculpting, airbrushing...anything that makes a mess! It took a while to clean this up - you wouldn't believe the state that it was in. :(

I also made a new "drying closet" for my clay. Last year you may remember that I put a dehumidifier in a sectioned-out part of my studio. This worked great in drying the clay quicker and more thoroughly, except in the summer it made my work area almost unbearably hot! So, I've re-invented the drying closet by putting the dehumidifier on a wire rack shelf and surrounded it with a plastic shower curtain. This keeps the heat in and makes the dehumidifier more efficient. A preliminary test showed that it's going to work great! Kind of like a big dehydrator. Hey, maybe I can start making jerky!

With all the cleaning complete, it's time to get to work. I've already started on a couple Cupids for valentines and some Springtime bunnines will soon be hopping by!
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