Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween and Vine - The Afterglow

As any artist who has ever worked a show will tell you, it can be an emotional roller coaster. The "fun" starts long before the show as you frantically try to get enough pieces made before the event. Then, as it approaches, you begin to question: do I have enough I have TOO much merchandise...are my prices too high...too low...will I even sell anything?

All those questions were answered, and I am happy to say that as an artist, my participation in Halloween and Vine was one of the best exhibiting experiences I have ever had.

More than 200 people were lined up before the doors opened at 9am. Some folks were there at 5:30 am!!!! Talk about determination! And believe me, these folks are determined! When the doors opened, the customers rushed past my table in search of their favorite artists; William Bezek, Nicol Sayer, Jack Roads.... It was like a feeding frenzy at many of these wonderful artist's tables. It was at least 10 minutes before anyone came to my table. And what a long 10 minutes that was. All those feelings of doubt kick in...I don't belong work is just not good enough...maybe my stuff is just too "cute" for these collectors....

But then, it hit!!!! I had a customer, and then another, and then another. Before long, I had a line of people in front of my table holding 2 or 3 pieces each waiting to make their purchases! While I answered questions and made the sales, my partner Marty was frantically wrapping and bagging the purchases. For a solid hour and a half, everything was a blur of credit cards,  receipts and bubble wrap! When the dust settled and I was finally able to take a breath, I realized that all those initial fears and doubts were unfounded.

Halloween and Vine is truly the quintessential collector's art show on the West Coast, and what an honor it was to be a part of it. The chance to show my work and the chance to meet some of my favorite artists (and exhibit amongst them!) was a dream come true.

I would like to thank all my collectors and friends who came out to see me. And a big thank you everyone who supported my art with your purchases and your words of encouragement. Just wait until you see what I have in store for Halloween and Vine 2011!
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