Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Great Day at the Village Venture

This past Saturday was my 8th year participating at the Village Venture - a wonderful arts and crafts show along the tree-lined streets of historic downtown Claremont, CA. The sky was gloomy and threatned rain all day, but the crafting gods were looking down on us and held back the mositure until 30 minutes after the show...what luck!

Set up started at 6:30 am. Who knew that the sun wasn't even up at that hour! I asked the show promoters for a new booth location this year as I had spent the last 7 years set up next to the Folk Music store's performance booth. The music is wonderful, but the sheer volume made it impossible to talk with customers. My new spot was centrally located right on a busy corner - perfect location!

The show officially opens at 9am - my first customer was there at 7am! She came early to watch me unpack and get first pick. That's dedication! Here she is making her decision...thanks Holly!

The gloomy weather really put people in the shopping mood. I had the single best sales day of any one-day show, ever! Thanks so much to Marty, Jeff and Wendy for helping me setup, teardown and wrap and bag all those sales. And a big thank you to all my friends, fans and collectors who came out to support me.

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