Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Here's a peek at something I just finished. This chicken and egg are PaperClay on a wood base.

This item will be available on the next A Time for Primitives update on Sept. 1st.

I have completely fallen in love with PaperClay and simply cannot stop using it! There are so many things that I can create that I could never have done with my sewing machine.

For years, I've wanted a Kiln and have belabored over which one to buy, should I buy gas or electric...

But recently a ceramics artist told me to stick with PaperClay for what I'm doing. It's more durable than fired clay and easier to work with. I do know that this stuff can take a real beating! I can't begin to tell you how many things I've dropped in the process of creation, and yet they are completely unharmed (and I've had a couple pieces take some really hard falls!). This is one tough egg to crack!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Work in Progress

It was a very productive weekend for me! I managed to start 5 new projects and finish up a couple others. The Fall season is rapidly approaching, and with it comes my participation in two great Arts and Crafts shows - the Village Venture in Claremont and the Harvest Festival at the LA County Fairgrounds. So, with those shows looming on the horizon, I need to really kick it in gear.

My workshop is starting to fill up with LOTS of initial parts and pieces of things; pumpkin heads with no bodies, Santa bodies with no heads - it's starting to look like a holiday slasher movie set!

Two pieces that are starting to take shape are a Halloween Moon and a stacked Pumpkin. Both pieces should be available during the next SpookyTimeJingle update on the 13th of Sept.

I'll give ya a sneek peek as soon as I get them done!

Friday, August 15, 2008

On the Drawing Board

Seems like most of my ideas come to me just as I'm going to sleep or waking up. I'm sure there is some deep psychological reason why this happens; something about letting down your guard and not thinking too hard. Frankly, I think it may have been eating a Big Mac too close to bedtime.

Whatever the reason, I'm just happy the ideas come. I had one last night; a witch standing atop of a skull holding a spider. Guess I've got halloween on the mind. I sketched it out real quick on the computer today. It's a pretty crude illustration, but it's all I need to get the wheels in motion. I'm going to start on her this weekend!

Now, off to MacDonalds for more inspiration!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Okay, I finally decided to jump on board this whole "blogging" thing and give it a try. I've had SO many people ask me where my blog was, that I thought it high time I set one up. It's not that the technology is a real stretch for me - I design web sites for a living. I guess it's more a question of what do I have to say and who would even want to listen?

I'm not even sure what I want this blog to be, I guess that will evolve in time. It just seems that there is such a wonderful community of artists out there blogging and I don't want to be the kid on the playground off in the corner watching everyone else - I want to play too!

There are some really great artists out there in "blog-land" - a few that I've put on my Blogs You Gotta See sidebar. I'm looking forward to being a part of this community and hope that I will be able to share some of my thoughts and ideas and look forward to your comments.

Let's Play!