Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Return of the Candy Corns!

I had so many wonderful responses to my last posting of the Candy Corns in progress. I was thrilled to see that so many of you share my love of this iconic Halloween treat. So, I wanted to share the final finished corns with you. Here they are in all their sugar-filled goodness. I've made about 8 hanging corns and 3 standing ones. I will soon be packing them up for their road trip to Petaluma for the Halloween and Vine show (www.halloweenandvine.com).

One corn, however will be making his way over to the next Spookytime Jingles update on Sept. 13th (www.spookytimejingles.com). Which corn will it be? Stay tuned to find out!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Candy Corns

The ideas are coming fast and furious, but the clock is ticking away! My first fall show is only a month away and I can't keep up with all the things I want to make! This always seems to happen to me...when the pressure hits, the ideas come.

Today, I'm finishing up this batch of Candy Corns, and then it's onto sculpting one last batch of skulls (all my previous skulls that I had made for the shows have sold!). Right now, I'm looking at about 45 pieces that need to be painted in the next several weeks. So, please forgive me if my post start getting few and far between ;)

Okay, enough chit chat...back to work!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

STJ Sneek Peek!

Tonight at Midnight (9pm PST), Spookytime Jingles opens it's doors to yet another collection of amazing creations. I have several spooky new offerings that are sure to jump start your Halloween. Stop by and see!!!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Halloween Night Lights

I just finished up these two new creations that I'm really excited about! Both stand about 16" high and have battery-operated tea lights in their pumpkin pails that give off a spooky, Halloween glow. Both are sculpted from papier-maché and paper clay.

I will be debuting these fellows at the Halloween and Vine show in just (GULP!) 7 weeks. 7 weeks?! Yipes! I better get back to work!