Monday, March 30, 2009

Candy Container Success!

In an earlier post, I discussed using a balloon filled with sand to serve as a form to wrap Paperclay around. I wasn't sure how it would all turn out...but I can happily report that the technique worked! Once the clay dried, I simply snipped the balloon with a pair of sissors and poured the sand out...viola!...instant candy container! Although this paticular container is a little small (about 3.5") it can still hold a small amount of wrapped candy. This fellow is offered for sale at my ETSY shop Now that I know the technique will work, I'm off to make some even bigger ones!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Chicken Lips - On it's way to PA

Chicken Lips hits the road! Dani of Amibitions Design is taking Spookytime Jingles to the National Halloween Convention in Pennsylvania! A dozen or so STJ artists are providing art to help Dani fill the booth. This photos represents what I'm contributing to the show. I wish I could make it out there, 'cause this show looks like it's gonna be so darn fun!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bunny Boy Returns

I know, I know...I said in an earlier post that I was done making Spring-themed creations for the year - but I just couldn't resist making one more Bunny Boy. I sold the last one so quickly (thanks Carol!) that I had to make another. You can check back through my Blog archives if you want the full story on this fellow - it's just TOO painful to explain again ;)

Bunny Boy is (of course), paperclay on a wood base. He's one of my larger creations - coming in at just over 15" high. Seems like it's easier to make larger art than smaller art. I keep telling myself I should keep it small, but then I get my hands into the paperclay and all reason flies out the window!

Bunny Boy is up for adoption at my ETSY shop. Get him while you can, 'cause this is gonna be the last one for this year (honest)!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Skelly Swap

I recently participated in a Skelly ornament swap and was lucky enough to get paired up with Iva of Iva's Creations (see her blog). I had the pleasure of meeting Iva a few years back at an art show at the Disneyland Hotel. I love her unique use of vintage materials and images. Now I have the pleasure of owning my very own creation! This little skelly is absolutely wonderful! So much personality! The umbrella he holds is such a fun and whimsical touch. He came beautifully packaged in a Mylar bag with some decorative stuffing...very nice touch! Iva is a talented artist and I'm proud to display my new pal in my studio for creative inspiration.

I recently sent Iva my Skelly contribution (pictured here). He was the first skull ornament that I've ever made. I had so much fun with him that I actually made two of them. I decided to put the other up for grabs on my ETSY shop (you can find him here!).

Thanks again Iva!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Chicken Lips WIPS

Unfortunately, I don't have any finished pieces to post this week. I've been working my tail off building LOTS of new pieces that are still drying. Luckily, our dry and warm (86˚ today!) weather is helping move things  along. I've got about 15 pieces built this week - here are a few that are in progress..candy containers! I love old, vintage candy containers and wanted to try my hand at making some - with my own spin on them, of course. At first I was perplexed at how I could make the inside hollow and smooth. I remember back to my elementary school days when we wrapped papermache newspapers around a balloon. Unfortunately, a balloon isn't firm enough to use as a form with Paperclay....a balloon that is filled with air, that is. Fill the balloon with sand and VIOLA! It's firm enough to mold around. The great thing is that I can make the form as big or as small as I want it to be, and when it's done, I cut a slit in the balloon, drain out the sand...instant hollow candy container! Now, all this in in theory - I'm still waiting for the piece to dry before I can remove the sand. But, I'm optimistic it's gonna work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"I'm late. I'm late, for a very important STJ Update!"

Okay, so maybe I'm not really late - tomorrow is the last of the Holiday Hootenanny updates for a while on Spookytime Jingles. So, I decided the that last bunny I make for the season was going to be the granddaddy of all bunnies (2nd only to the Easter Bunny, of course).....the White Rabbit! Like so many other artists I know, Alice In Wonderland has been a constant source of inspiration for me since I was old enough to read. As a child, I had a beautiful hardback copy of Lewis Carroll's version that would amuse and fascinate me for hours on end. The book is long gone (would you believe my dog ACTUALLY ate it), but those magical illustrations will be forever engraved in my mind.

Stop in tomorrow to see more photos of the White Rabbit and my other Spring Time offerings at Spookytime Jingles!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Zippo The Zombie Clown WIP

Now that I'm done with my Spring creations (the last will debut on Spookytime Jingles this Friday), it's time to get a jump start on Halloween! Actually, as far as I'm concerned, it's NEVER too early to start on Halloween! This new fellow I worked on yesterday is gonna be named Zippo the Zombie Clown. I actually made a Zippo last October for an art show and sold the little guy in the first 5 minutes of the show! I've been anxious to make another - I may make a few of them in different circus situations. Seems like Halloween and the circus just go together in a creepy kind of way - guess because Clowns are so darn scary, they just naturally lend themselves to Halloween. Stay tuned for more Zippo in the near future!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Chicks are Here

Here they are, Camilla's babies (see earlier post). All painted and ready to take on the world! I will be offering these little bundles of joy on SpookyTimes Jingles Holiday Hootenanny on the 13th of this month. I've got even more Easter/Spring time creations to share, so stay tuned!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A Time for Primitives Update

Wow - I can't believe it's March already! And with the start of a new month comes a new update at A Time For Primitives. I have two creations featured this month - Buster the Bunny and Ballerina Cow.
Stop by and see A Time for Primitives - there are LOTS of wonderful artists exhibiting their work in a variety of mediums.

I've got LOTS of new WIPS and finished pieces that I'll be posting here on my blog in the next few days - stay tuned!