Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Out with the Old - in with the New!

I love this time of year - the week between Christmas and New Year's. It gives me a chance to clean my studio and workshop before I start working on new creations for 2010. There is something so optimistic about a newly cleaned work area. It seems like the possibilities for creativity are endless - kind of like looking a blank sheet of paper. The dust is all removed, the workbench is freshly papered, newly purchased paints are still sealed...I kind of hate to mess it all up again :(
Oh well, ya gotta break a few eggs to make a cake...or rather, ya gotta spill some paint and make some mess to make a Chicken Lips!

Happy New Year everyone!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays from Chicken Lips!

I just wanted to tell each and every one of you how much I have appreciated your support and friendship this year! Chicken Lips exists because of the amazing fans and collectors that continue to support my art and help fuel my creativity.

Next week I plan to clean my workshop and studio - the mad rush in getting ready for the last show has left everything looking like a battle zone! Once I get everything cleaned up and back in it's place, I'll start creating new pieces. Just wait until you see what I have in store for 2010!

Have a wonderful holiday and best wishes for a happy, prosperous and healthy 2010!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Spooky Time Jingles Update

It's that time again...time for a new update on Spookytime Jingles. The site updates at midnight on the 13th. And this month I'm offering FREE shipping anywhere in the US (lower 48). My sales have been so great these last few weeks (thank you EVERYONE!) that I will not be offering any new Halloween items this month, but I will be offering two new Christmas creations. Stop by Saturday at Midnight to get first chance at mine and the other wonderful artist on Spookytime Jingles.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chicken Lips Holiday Sale!

In appreciation to all my fans and collectors, I'm having my first ever Chicken Lips Holiday Sale! Purchase anything from my ETSY shop before Dec. 31st, and the shipping is FREE to anywhere in the US (lower 48). But hurry - they're already going fast!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Harvest Festival a SUCCESS!!!!!

Despite the lackluster economy, the Harvest Festival was a HUGE success for me! In fact, I had the best sales of ANY show I've ever worked! I'm still coming down off the excitement and high!

I can't even begin to tell you what a thrill it was to receive such wonderful praise and compliments for those who stopped by my booth! The comment I most often heard was... "your work just makes me smile!" As an artist, a comment like that is true validation. It is important for me to know that my art is connecting with an audience. Online sales are wonderful and are a great indicator that I'm doing something right, but there is nothing like seeing firsthand the reaction that my art evokes.

I'm so happy to be able to share my vision through my creations and am so thankful for the wonderful friends and collectors that keep coming back for more.

Thanks to all of you!!!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Harvest Festival is Almost Here!

I cannot believe how FAST this year has gone by! It's already December - and that means it's time for the Harvest Festival. This is the big, 3 day show that I've been frantically working towards for the last 6 months!

If you are in the So. Cal area, come on down to the Harvest Festival this weekend, Dec 4-6. There are hundreds of artists from across the United States represented at the show. There's lots of food, entertainment, and of course...Chicken Lips!

I've got LOTS of new Holiday items made exclusively for the show; angels, snowmen, Santas, and much more! But get there early, for the best selection. Last year, I almost sold out by the 3rd day of the show!

I've had a lot of requests from customers to restock my ETSY shop. I'm so sorry that it has been so depleted for so long! What with the efforts of building enough stock for the Harvest Festival and getting knocked down by the nasty Swine flu, I just haven't had a chance to "restock the shelves." I promise that next week I will be posting some new items and having a Christmas Sale! Be sure to check back here for details.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Slow Down!

Sometimes when you least expect it, something comes along and tells you to "SLOW DOWN." That messenger came to me last week in the form of Swine Flu! Why it had to hit at quite possibly the WORST time of the year is beyond me. At a time when I was already stressed and wondering how in the world I was gonna get everything done in time for my next show, H1N1 told me to stop and smell the Tamiflu. After a week of laying on the couch and watching Oprah, Ellen and The View, I'm ready to get back at!
I've managed to finish up a couple pieces today. The Santa and Snowman candy dish is a whopper in size. Over 2 feet tall, the Santa is removeable to reveal a place for candy. I've also finished up this Santa bust. A new design, he was really fun to make and I have plans (next year!) to make some angel and snowmen ones.

Hopefully, the worst of this darn flu is over and I can start posting more pieces in the next two weeks before my show! One can only take so much of daytime TV...UGH!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?!!!!

Oh my gosh! Has it really been over two weeks since my last post?! I hang my head in shame :(

I've been SO busy getting ready for my next show - Harvest Festival - it seems there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done! I have been up to my earlobes in Santas, elves, angels and snowmen. Here's a shot of some recently finished snowmen - big ones, small ones, skinny ones and fat ones!Besides getting ready for my next show, I've also been making a few new creations for the next update of Spookytime Jingles (tomorrow at midnight). Here's a couple of my new offerings...I promise as soon as I can catch my breath, I will be posting some more WIPS and (if I'm lucky) some actual finished pieces!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Chicken Lips at the Claremont Village Venture

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are turning and there's a chill in the air. It's Fall! And that means it's time for the The Claremont Village Venture. Chicken Lips will be there with all new Halloween creations! Some sweet and some spooky!

If you are in the Southern California area, The Claremont Village Venture, is a wonderful way to welcome in the Fall. The tree-lined streets of historic Claremont are turned into an amazing arts and crafts festival with over 450 artists. And with LOTS of tempting food treats AND free admission, it's a wonderful way to spend the day.

Stop by and see me - Booth #275. But be sure to get there early for the best selection! Many collectors are there even before the show officially opens at 9am. In fact, last year I was selling merchandise AS I was setting it up for display!

I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pumpkin in the Box

My latest piece - "Kitty in the Box" - sold in record time (thanks Wendy)! This "Pumpkin in the Box" is available in my ETSY shop and will most likely be the last Halloween piece that I will be offering for this season.

The Village Venture is next weekend, and I'm just finishing up my latest creations. I hope to get some photos uploaded of all my new spooky Halloween goodies (soon, I hope!).

Monday, October 12, 2009

Spookytime Jingles - Tonight at Midnight

Honestly, I feel like time is slipping through my fingers! I can't seem to get everything done that needs to be done for my upcoming shows, much less find time to keep up with my blog. I do apologize for the lack of posts and promise I will rectify that soon! I've got LOTS of new creations that I'm anxious to share with you!

In the meantime, be sure to pop into SpookyTime Jingles tonight at midnight for the lastest update. I've got some new Halloween and Christmas creations (like this festive Halloween Kitty). And, I understand that this month's surprise Guest Artist is absolutely amazing! I don't know who it is myself...we'll all have to stop in tonight and find out together.

Friday, October 2, 2009

"Oh the Weather Outside is Frightful..."

Okay, maybe "frightful" is not the right word, after all, it is still 90˚ - although that is pretty frightful if you are a snowman! And that's just what I've been up to...making snowmen - and lots of them! I just finished putting a coat of Gesso on 11 new snowmen creations. Big ones, small ones, short ones and tall ones!

I love making these frosty fellows, they have lots of personality and just seem to really embody the holiday spirit. These newest creations will be available at my upcoming shows. Check my web site to find the dates of a show near you!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Chicken Lips Hits the Big Time!

If you are a holiday enthusiast, then you already know all about Celebrate 365 magazine. A quarterly publication that features some of the best in holiday art. Well, I'm just busting with pride because Chicken Lips is going to be represented in the upcoming Fall issue!

Connie Porcher, the publisher and just about the nicest lady you'll ever know, asked me to submit some of my Halloween work for inclusion in the next issue. Not only that, but I also had the opportunity to participate in the design and layout for two of the articles! It is a joy and honor to be included in a magazine that represents so many wonderful and awe inspiring artists.

Celebrate 365 is a quality publication that provides inspiration to artists and collectors alike. To get your copy, or better yet...get a subscription...visit the Celebrate 365 web site today!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Lil' Devil

When I made my first devil a couple years ago, I thought "who would even buy this?" I grew up in a household where "the devil" was something you feared and dare not speak his name. But it was that taboo that made the idea of a guy in a red suit (or is that his skin?) and a pitch fork all the more interesting. I've actually had a customer at show comment that it was wrong to glorify "the devil." The fellows I make do not represent the ambassador of evil, but more of a playful, mischievous side that I believe is in every one of us.

Here's a peak at my latest mischief maker - and most likely the last I will have time to make for this season. He's a rolly polly fellow, approx. 11" high. Hand-sculpted from papier-maché and paper clay. With that grin on his face, you just know he's up to no good!

Thursday, September 24, 2009 September!

Sorry that I've been MIA lately. I've been frantically working on getting ready for my two Fall shows...oh, and I did take a few days off to go to Las Vegas - but honestly, I thought about work the whole time ;)

I've just finished up the last of my Halloween creations for this year. Now I'm jumping into Christmas! Seems kind of strange to be making snowmen in 105˚ heat! And, the humidity is SO low that the clay is drying as I mold it!

Here are a couple quick shots of new Christmas WIPS; the first is a Santa bust, the second is a Santa in a Snowman. Santa lifts out to reveal a place for candy. This is a big piece! Stands about 2ft. high!

This coming weekend is the Halloween & Vine event in Northern CA. I want to wish all my friends who will be participating a "good show" and lots of sales!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Clarabelle the Chicken

My friend Robert (Halloween Fanatic) recently suggested I make a Halloween chicken. What a great idea, and a no-brainer considering my love for all things "chicken." Once I had the suggestion, it was no effort to sketch something out - using one of my own chickens (Clarabelle) on my "ranch," the idea came to life!

She is sculpted from papier-maché and paper clay. Clarabelle is looking for a good home and can be purchased from my ETSY shop.

Friday, September 11, 2009

It's Time for SpookyTime Jingles!

Tomorrow night at midnight will be the release of the new issue of SpookyTime Jingles! I have several exclusive creations that I will be offering on a first-come first-served basis! Many collectors anxiously sit by the computer hitting the refresh button at midnight in hopes of being the first to grab one of the creations from the more than 20 amazing artists represented on the site.

Pepé the circus clown (above) is just one of the new Halloween and Christmas creations I will be unveiling.

Synchronize your watches - I'll see you at the witching hour!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Meet Beauford T. Bones

I've always wanted to make a skeleton farmer and have finally gotten around to making it happen. Say hello to Beauford T. Bones! This boney fellow and his skeleton chicken are sculpted from papier-maché and paper clay on a wooden base.

I collect Dia De Los Muertos skeletons myself and wanted to create a few skeletons that could be displayed all year-round, not just at Halloween.

Beauford will make his debut at The Claremont Village Venture on Oct. 24th.

I'm working my fingers to the bone getting ready for upcoming shows, so please forgive me if my posts seem few and far between! I will keep you updated with some sneak peaks of what is coming out of my studio!

Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Candy Dish WIP

Here's a peak at a WIP that is in it's final stages of drying. This candy dish is one of the largest I've ever made. Based on the photo, it doesn't look that big, but this huge piece stands over 2 ft. high! Sculpted from papier-maché and paper clay, it's a sturdy piece! The kitty sits in the pumpkin - which servers as a lid to the container.

I hope to get at least one more of these made for my upcoming Fall shows. I also have plans to made a snowman head with a Santa inside. So many little time!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

New Creations on Arts A Flutter

Wow!!!! Is it September already?! Where did the summer go. I've been locked up in my studio for so long preparing for my Fall shows that time has just slipped by! I got LOTS of new Halloween creations finished and will be posting them over the next few days.

Now that it's the first of the month (well, technically tomorrow), that means its time for a new update on Arts a Flutter. This month I'm offering two rolly polly Halloween characters. Both the pumpkin and devil are hand sculpted from paper maché and paper clay. I'm loving using paper maché for the base as it gives the pieces lots of weight and substance. Sculpting the heads and details in paper clay gives me more creative freedom.

Be sure to check back soon for a sneek peak at some of my newest Halloween goodies!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Veggie Guy

I have always loved vintage "Veggie people." A traditional German Halloween icon, these rolly polly fellows always make me smile. A lot of wonderful artists I know make characters in this vintage style (Lori Rudolph and Jorge Rojas to name a couple). I thought it high time I gave one a try - with the Chicken Lips spin to it, of course!

The wonderful thing about these guys is that their look lends itself perfect to my big toothy grins! I constructed this fellow with a Fast Maché base to give him weight and substance. I sculpted his head and arms in Paper Clay, which gives me more control for shaping and sculpting. He is painted in acrylic washes, airbrushed, stained, given oil paint details and then sealed.
I also made a hanging ornament, just for fun!

I've made 4 veggie guys for the Fall season; two are going to my Fall show but the other two are up for grabs on my ETSY shop.

Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Skeletons Are Here!

Seems like my postings lately have been so much on the "WIP side." That's why it's very satisfying to be able to post work that has actually been completed!!!! Last month I sculpted 8 skeletons, here are a few of the finished bone daddies. I still have a couple yet to paint - including the "Farmer" skeleton and his chicken (I'm saving that for last!).

If you want to see my latest offerings for purchase, including some skelly ornaments - check out my ETSY shop. These bony fellows will surely enhance your Halloween season - no "bones" about it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Drumroll please.....

The winners are Marie Patterson Studio and Cody Goodwin Artist! I was overwhelmed with the number of entries I received as well as all the wonderful words of praise and encouragement! You all are so wonderful and I wish I could give every one of you a prize!. I do promise to have another giveaway before the end of the year, so stay tuned.

Now, if you didn't win and you just gotta have a Chicken Lips creation of your own...well, the new issue of Spooky Time Jingles releases tonight at midnight, and I've got a few new Halloween goodies to tempt you with! Here's a peek....
Thanks again to all my blogging friends! Your support is so appreciated!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Chicken Lips Giveaway!

It's is so hard for me to believe that I've been blogging for a full year now! I was dragged kicking and screaming into this virtual world...and now I never want to leave! I have met sooooo many wonderful online friends and supportive customers in the last year. I sincerely appreciate all the feedback, comments, suggestions and encouragement. You have all helped feed this blog!

So, as a small token of my appreciation, I'm having my first Chicken Lips Blog GIVEAWAY! You can have the chance to win one of two holiday ornaments! The rules are simple....leave me a comment here on this post and I will throw your name in the hat. Or, if you want to DOUBLE your chances of winning, then visit my web site at and sign up to be on my mailing list.
Next Wednesday I will draw the names of two lucky will get a pumpkin, the other a snowman. Who will the lucky winner be????

Friday, July 31, 2009

Halloween on Arts A Flutter!

As I write this, I'm STUNNED to think that it's already August! Well, with the start of a new month comes a new edition of Arts A Flutter. I'm offering 3 little Halloween goodies this month. Check out my little Devil, and two mini candy containers. With these tough ecomonic times, I know some of us are watching every penny - so I'm offering these smaller versions of my more popular items - perfect for any collection and any budget!

Arts A Flutter has some really wonderful offerings this month by some very talented artists. Drop on by!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Skeletons in my Closet!

I've taken the last few days off to recharge my batteries, but now I'm back at it...full steam ahead!

I've managed to get a whole bunch of skeletons sculpted and they are basking comfortably in my drying closet. I've got dapper skeletons, scary skeletons, clown skeletons...even a farmer skeleton with a skeleton chicken!

I LOVE skeletons. Ever since I was a kid, I have been fascinated by them. They used to fascinate and yet scare me at the same time. Even as an adult, one of the few things I collect are Dia De Los Muertos skeletons. They are such wonderful, universal symbols that we can all relate to on one level or another. They are certainly something that all us of have in common...connects us all, if you'll pardon the pun! No bones about it!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Snowmen in July!

I'll do anything to beat the heat right now! Including making snowmen ornaments! Somehow making these frosty fellows cools me down. This snowball guy is made from a combination of Fast Maché and Paperclay. I've found that I LOVE Fast Maché for the heads, bodies and larger forms I create. But, I still turn to Paperclay for the details. I'm finding this combination truly fun to work with and it gets my creativity moving in overdrive.

If you find you need to cool yourself off as well, this new creation is listed in my ETSY shop.

Thanks for stopping by!