Monday, December 29, 2008

Look What Santa Brought Me!

I guess I was a good boy this year, 'cause look at what Santa brought me! Okay, maybe it wasn't was my friend Christopher Klingler! I received some thoughtful and meaningful gifts this year, but this one tops them all! Chris sent me an original postcard illustration from his amazing Hallomas series! This gift really touched my heart. Chris is an absolutely amazing illustrator, and to own a piece of his art is truly something special. If you are not familiar with his art, visit his amazing and eclectic blog today at Thank you Chris for making my Christmas so special!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Annie the Angel

I love making angels. There is something so wonderful about what they represent - love, peace and joy....even if they looked "whacked out" like mine. It just goes to prove that despite the outward appearance, there may be a lot of love inside. Annie the Angel is one of those "whacked out" creations of mine. With her toothy grin and frazzled hair, she is a vision of holiday madness! But, despite the way she looks, she has lots of love to share. This is one of the largest Paperclay pieces I've ever made, standing at approx. 18" high. If you are interested in adopting her, I am offering her exclusively on A Time For Primitives. Happy Holidays!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken Lips Sneak Peek

Seems I've been making Santas for years now - it was high time I pay homage to the woman behind the man. Here's my latest creation...Mrs. Claus! She is a Paperclay and wood creation. She proudly beams as she offers forth her latest goody from the oven! Mrs. Claus will debut on SpookyTime Jingles on the 13th. You will be able to purchase this Chicken Lips original by following this link.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Chicken Lips at The Harvest Festival - SUCCESS!

It's over! Another Harvest Festival has come and gone. Despite the lackluster ecomony, sales for me were exactly what they were last I guess that makes this year a success (?). Attendance seemed a bit down from previous years, but there was a real quality of customers.

Thanks to all my customers and those who just stopped by to say "hi." As an artist, working a show like this helps me to connect to my audience, and gives me that much needed feedback we artists crave. It always makes me happy when people stop by just to say how my art makes them smile! We artists need constant validation - don't we ;)

It's taken a couple months of steady work to build enough merchandise for a show like this. Now that it's done, I don't know what to do with myself! What I really need to do is clean up my studio - I swear it looks like a BOMB went off in there!!!!! I guess I really need to relax and enjoy the Christmas season and give my creative batteries a chance to recharge.